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Octopus MPX Split

OCTPUS MPX SPLIT is 1U rack-mount 19” high quality audio MPX switcher equipped with one Main input, four Sub inputs and four outputs.

Use OCTPUS MPX SPLIT for switching from the Main source to four several secondary sources.

You can connect several OCTPUS MPX SPLIT units in cascade mode using the Main expander output of each unit.

The outputs gain may be varied with a potentiometer, each output is adjustable with a potentiometer and a led display the status of the outputs ( Main or Sub inputs).

The OCTPUS MPX SPLIT has one MPX input, five MPX outputs; the input and outputs are electronically balanced each output is individually buffered so that a short circuit on one won’t affect the others.

OCTPUS MPX SPLIT can accept external controls normally off or normally on, steady or pulse; the inputs are opto-insulated and the configuration can be carried out with its panel.

OCTPUS MPX SPLIT supplies an opto-insulated output control which relays the status of the internal audio switcher.

The status of the output opto-coupler can be programmed, it can be normally on, off, steady or pulse.

OCTPUS MPX SPLIT is equipped with by-pass relay to ensure in any case the passage of the main signal in the face of power failure.


Analog audio input: BNC grounded to chassis

Input Impedance: KΩ

Common mode rejection: Greater than 50 dB (30 Hz 15 KHz)

Connectors: BNC grounded to chassis


Composite output: BNC output with level control

Output level: As Input Level in Transparent Mode, -6 ÷ +6 dBu in Absolute Mode.

Output Impedance: 50Ω

Connectors: BNC grounded to chassis


Stereo Separation degradation: < 1 dB

Distortion to 1 KHz: < 0.01%

Signal to noise ratio: < 85 dB (CCIR)

Stereo Separation: Greater than 64 dB 30 Hz ÷15 KHz (78 dB @ 1 KHz)


Configuration: Opto-coupled (with internally 330Ω  protection)

Typical Voltage input: 5 Vdc (for 10 mA input)

Max Reverse Voltage: 5 Vdc

Connector: RJ45 female


Configuration: Optic solid state relay

Max Voltage: 50 Vac/dc

Max Current: 100 mA

Connector: RJ45 female

Power requirement: 90 – 264 V ~ 50 – 60 Hz

Consumption: 4 W

Power supply: max power 8 W

Dimension (WxHxD): 48.3 x 20 x 4.4 cm 1 rack unit

Weight: 2,5 Kg. (5.5 Lbs)

Operating Temp.: 0 ÷ 50° C.

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