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Stereo Encoder

The  digital stereo encoder board for broadcast applications that has been designed using highly innovative technology.

The result is the most advanced that a stereo broadcasting system can offer, with an exceptional array of features.

Besides guaranteeing excellent stereo separation between channels, AEV Digital Stereo Encoder ensure a transparency of sound never before reached, whilst maintaining exceptional stability.
The AEV Stereo board can be installed into your FM equipment and can be matched perfectly to any transmission system without calibration.

It employs a digital modulator at a sampling rate of 32x that generates frequencies at 19 and 38 KHz for respectively the pilot and subcarrier.

The employment of a great quantity of “samples” offers a better spectrum clarity and mantains the MPX signal constant. The stereo separation levels are constantly over 65 dB.
In order to limit the overshoots, Stargate uses “DSP-Filtering” system composed with a couple of digital lowpass filters, an exclusive AEV“hybrid”, that allows not only a phase linear design, but also dynamically flat responses together with 115 dB/oct slope.

The qualities of this system grant perfect spectrum clarity up to 15 KHz.
At the modulator output another “Safety Clipping” stage removes the remaining overshoots produced by the


– Audio Input Left & Right balanced XLR connectors
– Digital Audio Input AES/EBU DB9 connector
– Remote Control I/O Logic DB25 connector
– Serial Interface RS232
– Digital generation of 19 Khz pilot
– Very high pilot stability
– Maximum stereo separation
– Audio distortion non-quantifiable
– Electronically balanced audio inputs
– SCA and RDS signal ouputs
– Selectable preemphasis 50 – 75 m S
– 19 Khz pilot synchronization

Analog audio input configuration: Electronically balanced Left & Right
Input level: -10 ÷ +10 dBu
Input Impedance: > 10 KΩ or 600 Ω dip switch selectable
Common mode rejection: Greater than 50 dB (30 Hz ÷ 15 KHz)
Connectors: XLR Female, EMI suppressed
STEREO Generator:
MPX Output configuration: output with level control
Composite output level: 0 ÷ +12 dBu
Output Impedance: 50 Ω
Connector: BNC grounded to chassis
Pilot Frequency: 19 KHz ± 0.001% Max over temp.
Pilot injection: 4 ÷ 12 % adjustable internally
Frequency Response: (± 0.1 dB) 30 Hz ÷ 15 KHz
Stereo Separation: Greater than 64 dB 30 Hz ÷15 KHz (78 dB to 1 KHz)
Distortion to 1 KHz: Less than 0.005 %
Signal to noise ratio: Greater than 96 dB DIN audio
38 KHz Subcarrier Suppression: Greater than 80 dB
76 KHz and sideband Suppression: Greater than 90 dB
Preemphasis: 50-75 μSec dip switch selectable
Pilot tone Sync: IN/OUT dip switch selectable
Connector: BNC grounded to chassis
Pilot Reference Output: 1 Vpp square wave
Impedance: 600 Ω
Pilot Reference Input: 1 Vpp sin. wave
Impedance: 10 KΩ
SCA Input: -14 ÷ +6 dBu for 10% modulation of main carrier.
SCA input Impedance: 10 KΩ
Power requirement: + 12v, -12v, +5v DC

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Stereo Encoder