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Watch Timer

Studio Timer Watch: the new clock & timer ideal and elegant accessory in OnAir & Recorder Studio.

It is made up of two sections:
– The right section displays the time (hour, minute, second) in the upper right part, and the date (day, month, year) in the middle side part, and the Radio Station Logo in the lower side
– The left section is dedicated to timer, upper left, and to ONAIR/RECORDER signal.
View the timetable in a simple and easily readable way to support the conductors during live programs
The standard configuration is supplied with a LCD display with VESA support to wall mounting bracket.
Equipped with integrated linux s.o. powered computer, it can also be connected to an internet network, thus allowing a double use for the conductors, who, in addition to having the time under control, surfing the internet can have access to all information updated in real time.
Display LDC 22/24”, HD display
Connectors HDMI, VGI
Connection Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz IEEE 802.11.b
Power 100-240 Vac, 60/50 Hz, 2,5 A
Dim. 545 x 334 mm
Weight 3,8 Kg (without optional wall bracket)