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IP Pro

The IP Pro is a new generation multistandard IP audio codec reliable and simple to use with the lowest price on the market right now. This has been possible thanks to the use of large scale hardware components and a completely open source software platform such as Linux.

Using Linux as the operating system insures maximum reliability for the management of all applications that IP Codec can provide. Moreover Linux gives the possibility to work with many network protocols and a wide choice of coding and decoding audio libraries. These elements enable to considerately reduce the development time and also permit flexible customization to maximize market needs.

IP Codec has been engineered to improve and facilitate robust point to point and point to multi point links on the local or geographic network.

IP Codec is completely compatible with NS1-E and NS1-R and will work either integrated in new or already existing IP Codec systems.


-Studio-to-transmitter link, over-IP transmitter/receiver for broadcast internet radio with optional interactivity…

-IP Intercom and contributions link for professional broadcast facilities …

-Global audio distribution via TCP/IP and UDP over standard IP Network …


– Rack mount version available
– Onboard http server for remote parameters configuration
– RS232 serial port for terminal and tunneling mode
– USB memory device (hard disk, pen drive) support for audio backup
– 3G usb adapter support
– Wi-Fi module embedded with external antenna connectors
– XLR balanced audio analog & digital in/out
– General Purpose Interface
– Failover capabilities for link and audio failure
– Distribution in a very reliable way with manageable latency.

Format TX/RX: MPEG1 Layer II/III (CBR), Linear 16 bit, IMA-ADPCM, G722, G711A, G711U.
Bit Rate Encoding MPEG1 Layer II/III: 320/256/224/192/160/144/128/112/96
Sampling Frequency: 16/22,05/24/32/44,1/48 Khz
Mode: MPEG1 Layer II/III stereo/joint stereo/mono
Linear 16 bit & IMA-ADPCM: stereo/mono
Analog Input: Line stereo/Mic balanced 2 XLR female sockets
Max. Input Level: +2,2dBu line, -38dBu micro / +18dBu line, -2dBu micro
Analog Output: Stereo line female 2x XLR male sockets
Max. Output Level: +4dBu line / +18dBu line, -2dBu micro
Digital Input* 1: AES-EBU female XLR with balance 2 line input
Digital Output* 1: AES-EBU male XLR with balance 2 output
Frequency Response: 20 – 20.000 Hz (+/- 0.5 dB)
SNR (AD/DA): > 85 dB (20 – 20.000 Hz)
Crosstalk: > 85 dB
THD (AD/DA): 0,012%
Network Interface: RJ45 connector full duplex IEEE 802.3 10/100Mb/s, Wi-Fi*, 3G*
Protocols: UDP RAW, RT, Shoutcast/Icecast, HTTP
Remote: via http and SSH server integrated./vai serial port 9 pin only by SSH server integrated
Interfaces: 1 serial port (DB9 male), 1 USB 2.0 port
Power: 7/20V DC (6 mm coaxial connector or POE) 2,5 ~ 3,5W (5W peak)
Temperature: 0° to 50°

Brochure + technical information:

IP Pro


IP Pro


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