Acuo 912

ACUO 912 the new series for the On Air broadcast consoles !

A modern, compact design, in line with the latest trends in design, together with a careful and ergonomic study make it the new benchmark in the industry with an incomparable versatility, it can be used easily even in the case of outdoor operation

General overview:
– All Balanced inputs and outputs
– Twelve double channel inputs Mixer
– A/B input control
– 100 mm ALPS Sliders with Digital VCA control
– Six balanced mono Microphone input with phantom power with XLR connectors
– Twelve balanced stereo lines with RJ-45 connectors
– Four Digital AES/EBU input
– Digital Three band tone control all input channels
– TwoTelephone opto-coupled hybrid internally integrated

-Two Telco IN/OUT
– Meeting function on telephone hybrid (PGM, UTL, AUX and CUE)
– CUE Bus
– Three independent Balanced Analog Stereo Outputs (PGM, UTL and AUX)
– Two independent Digital AES/EBU Outputs (PGM and UTL )
– Control Room and Studio functions with monitor mode selector
– Control Room out with mute logic
– Internal USB Audio Board for extra versatility connection
– Output opto-coupled ON AIR command
– Totally shielded bus
– Digital TFT display 4,3” for monitoring & setup functions , Digital stereo led meters: PGM& CUE
– Tabletop mount or rackmountable 19”


Microphone Inputs

Input configuration Input Impedance Sensitivity Level Range Input Level Range Maximum Input Level Phantom Supply

100 mm Fader Connector

Line Inputs

Input configuration Input Impedance Input Level Range Headroom

100 mm Fader control Connector

Digital inputs

Input configuration Sample Rate
100 mm Fader control Connector

Telephone Hybrid

Input configuration Input impedance Line Compensation Tx Level

Rx Level Range Frequency response Distortion

Analog Outputs

Output configuration Output Impedance
PGM Output Level Range Connector

UTL/AUX Output Level Range Connector
C Room Mut.Output Lev. Connector

Digital Outputs

Output configuration Sample Rate Connector


configuration Type Output Impedance Connector

Logic I/O

Configuration Max Voltage Max Current Connector USB Port


6 x Electronically balanced
200 Ω
Adjustable from –70 ÷-40 dBu (Trimmer adj.) ±12 dBu (Digital adj. step 0,5 dB)
– 30 dBu
48 Vdc selectable
VCA Digital controlled
XLR Female

12 x Electronically balanced 10KΩ(600Ωwired)
±12 dBu (Digital adj. step 1,0 dB) +18dBu
VCA Digital controlled

4 x AES/EBU, IEC958,S/PDIF & EIAJ CP340/1201 Automatic 32, 44.1, 48, 96 KHz converter
VCA Digital controlled

2 x Opto-coupled with Telco function
600 Ω Bal
Automatically (max 5 Km)
±12 dBu (Digital adj. step 0,5 dB)
±12 dBu (Digital adj. step 0,5 dB) 300Hz÷3400Hz(-2dB) ; 300 Hz ÷ 3400 Hz (-1.5 dB) < 1.5 %

-60 dB.

Electronically balanced 100 Ω
-12 ÷ +12 dBu
XLR male

0 dBu fixed RJ-45
– 12÷ +12 dBu RJ-45

2 x AES/EBU, IEC958,S/PDIF & EIAJ CP340/1201 Automatic 32, 44.1, 48, 96 KHz converter

Stereo unbalanced (C.Room no Muted) 50Ω
JACK 6,3 mm

Optic solid state relay 50 Vdc/ac
100 mA
DSUB 15 pole female 2 x USB 2.0 interface


Brochure + informazioni tecniche:

Acuo 912


Acuo 912


Download Software (9,7 MB)