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RDS Generator

RDS GENERATOR, the latest Satellite-programmable version.

Radio Data System is an inaudible, digital information, transmission system, introduced by FM radio stations in addition to audio programs.

The latest radical development of this system now allows programming of the RDS Coder via Satellite, an indispensable innovation that AEV has implemented with the creation of the RDS GENERATOR.

RDS GENERATOR is extraordinary, not just because of this latest development, but also for the astonishing price which is guaranteed to surprise you. Designed to the highest standards, RDS GENERATOR is an innovative system, highly reliable, simple to operate, created for discerning broadcasters and capable of exploiting today’s evolving RDS technology.

With the RDS GENERATORAEV will once more arouse the enthusiasm, which has become synonymous with its name.

RDS signal:: Standard specif. EBU Doc. Tech. 3244-E and Cenelec PrEn 50067
Coding: Differential and Biphase
Modulation: DSB-suppressed carrier
Frequency: 57 KHz
Bandwidth: ± 2.4 KHz
RDS injection into MPX signal: – infinite ÷ – 16 dB
RDS output level: 0 dBu
Output Impedance: 100 Ω (max load 5 KΩ)
Connector: BNC grounded to chassis
Terminal Interface: RS232-C at rear, asynchronous
Data Input: Full duplex
Format: Selectable
Transmission Speed: 2400 ÷ 19600 baud
Connector: 9 contact subminiature cannon female
RDS Data management: Microprocessor controlled 128 Kbyte
Non volatile memory: RAM data retention 10 years
Remote I / O: MS, TA, RDS OFF Cmos level
Connector: 25 pin subminiature cannon female
Power requirement: +12v, -12v, +5v
Dimension (WxD): 11,20 x 8.00 cm
Operating Temp.: 0 ÷ 50° C

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RDS Generator