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Telereport Plus

Portable Telephone Hybrid with GSM

General features

Teleport Plus is the new portable phone device (with echo canceller) devised by AEV ultra-decennial experience in the broadcasting phone systems sector.

Its reduced size and weight are the ideal solution for reporting services by audio transfer both via dial-up and mobile phone lines.
It is specially suited for conditions where the available operative range for the reporter is limited.

This device is housed inside a shock-resistant case. On the upper panel, with the keyboard, there is a LCD display (65×14), which displays the instrument status and all the standard displays usually found on GSM mobiles. The scrolling between menus is carried out with the keys “ARROW KEY”, also located on the front panel with the numeric keyboard, which is used for dialing and to store/recall the corresponding numbers.

-μP total operation, which, via a DSP circuit, allows the blanketing of line echo, in the event of a call on a dial-up line.

-Parametric filter able to equalize the incoming audio signal, thus optimizing the frequency response and gain of the signal received based on the quality of the line available.

-Option of a GSM internal module, with external aerial: it can be connected to theTELEREPORT PLUS via the connector located on the front panel. A connector “ CELL” is also present, this allows to use an external GSM

-NiMh high efficiency inside batteries. Their recharging is controlled by a specific circuit, assuring maximum efficiency and life.
-Ringing and busy tones detection.
-DTMF tones detection and replay.
-Generation of the test tone to adjust the audio via the phone line.

Main Features

-Two inputs, which MICRO/LINE selection is carried out with the switch located on the rear panel.

-Two headset outlets with the volume adjustable directly with the specific keys on the keyboard located on the upper panel, with level range on display.

-REC output, with the volume adjustable from the specific menu and level range on display.

-With the upper panel keyboard and with the display it is possible to access different unctions.


Configuration: Transformer Balanced Input (EMI Filtered)

Input impedance: 200 Ω balanced

Input Level Range: -60 dBu ÷ – 50 dBu adjustable

Frequency Response: 100 Hz ÷ 6 KHz

Noise: -63 dBu (din Audio)

Connector: 6 mm Jack stereo female

ALC Control Range: between -60 ÷ -40 dBu

ALC Attack Time: 10 mSec

ALC Release Time: 2 Sec


Configuration: Electronic Balanced Input (EMI Filtered)

Input Impedance: 20 KΩ electronically balanced

Input Level Range: 0 dBu ± 12 dB adjustable

Frequency Response: 100 Hz ÷ 6 KHz

Noise: -66 dBu (din Audio)

Connector: 6 mm Jack stereo female


Power: 2×160 mW to 50 KHz level adjustable

Frequency Response: 100 Hz ÷ 6 KHz

Connector: 6 mm Jack stereo female


Output Impedance: 100 Ω unbalanced

Output Level: 0 dBu fix

Frequency Response: 100 Hz ÷ 6 KHz

Connector: 6 mm Jack stereo female


Standard Specification: ETS 300001 (NET4)

Impedance: 600 Ω (EMI Filtered)

RX Level: -10 dBu (adjustable gain -6 ÷ +18 dB)

TX Level: 0 dBu

Hybrid null: -40 dBu full band

Frequency Response: 230 Hz ÷ 3400 Hz

Distortion: 0.8 %

Connector: RJ11 4 pins


Standard Freq.: 900/1800 (1900 on request)

Frequency Response: 200 Hz ÷ 3700 Hz

Antenna Connector: SMA Female


TX Level: -10 dBu

RX Level: -6 dBu

Connector: RJ11 6 pins


Power Supply: 3 battery (NI-MH) 1.2 V 2300 mAh

Power Consumption: 300 mA – With GSM: Rx 500 mA – Tx 800 mA

Autonomy: 7.5h standard operations Max 2.5 with GSM

External Supply: 5 Vdc 500 mA

Dimension (WxHxD): 14 x 44 x 19 cm

Weight: 0,8 Kg (With internal GSM option)

Operating Temp.: 0 ÷ 50° C


Telereport Plus


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