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Professional Digital
Based around the new ACUO 912 broadcast console, the lastest AEV professional broadcast console with fully digital control, hight level quality and features without compromises, with the amazing slim profile for a modern On Air Radio Studio, display color TFT to monitoring and setup, all balanced inputs & outputs, shielded to operate also to all conditions without interferences and noise , the minimum cost with very powerful features and with a friendly-user control surface.
You will be able to connect also to the wired telephone lines and GSM, for a very professional and complete radio studio. The design provide the Regia Room & Studio Room, for the best professional oparativity: live onair, music program, interviews, news program and production. The package include: professional studio condenser microphones, professional CD/MP3 player, digital tuner, nearfield audio monitors, workstation with software Radio Automation & editing software, headphones, On Air Light, FM Audio Processor with MPX coder, Remote Fader to control Studio. The system is totally pre-wired & tested from the AEV’s engineers, No technical knowledge whatsoever is required to install all devices of the Studio package up and running.
Studio On Air configuration

• n.1 new ACUO 912 On Air console 14 channels
• n.1 Acuo Remote Fader talkback unit
• n.2 telephone hybrid integrate built-in ACUO console • n.1 Telephone Set + GSM Box
• n.2 AEV On Air Light
• n.5 Professional Studio Headphones
• n.1 Headphone amplifier 4 channels
• n.5 Broadcast condenser microphones
• n.1 CD/USB MP3 player
• n.1 FM/AM digital tuner
• n.1 Workstation for Automation
• n.2 LCD22″ + software automation
• n.1 Wall watch LCD 21”
• n.2 Active Nearfield Monitor pair
• n.1 broadcast desk with 19” rack 18U
• n.1 broadcast Guest desk
• n.1 AEV Octopus audio distributor
• n.1 Mirage 4 Evo digital audio processor
• n.1 Dual Switch automatic changeover
• n.1 Server + LAN Switch hub

Brochure + technical information:

Digital Studio Acuo 912