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ITB 302

ITB 302 telephone hybrid 2 channels.

AEV ITB-302 And a telephone hybrid Able to meet all requirements for the More Advanced Management Advanced Communications via telephone lines. And state designed in a 19 “rack, for Unit 1, and contains to your inner well had 2 phone hybrids. Diversified ITB302 units may be interconnected to allow an expansion” n “lines while maintaining the ease of use and the possibility of remote control.

Telephone lines, suitably filtered and isolated, allow the audio conference between them and the DJ. An internal microprocessor offers a variety of FUNCTIONS That, Until now, I was Difficult to PROVIDE the SAME Unit. All i have been eliminated potentiometers for Resolving Problems of wear. All adjustments will Perform in digital mode.

It is available also the DB9 connector on the rear panel for connecting a headset and a dynamic microphone (Optional Function).

ADJUST adaptation to the telephone line and automatically performed by the hybrid, with no need for operator intervention.

ITB 302 it can be connected to a remote control Dedicated, through whom to make the coupling line and the introduction of the Meeting of the incoming calls of the two channels.

MORE THAN 2 LINES connection
AEV ITB-302 is expandible, allowing connection of more than one unit in cascade, all remotely controllable and able to perform audioconferencing. No modifications are necessary, except for the addition of further units and their corresponding cables.

4 -wire lines
AEV ITB-302 features an interface for normal 2-wire lines and, as an option, for 4-wire lines. This allows, amongst other things, connection to cellular telephones.


Input level (SEND 1/2): ± 12 dBm

Input impedance: >10 KΩ Electronically Balanced

Connector: XLR female

Output level (RECEIVE 1/2): ± 12 dBm

Output impedance: 100 Ω Electronically Balanced (max load 600 Ω)


Input level: 0 dB

Input impedance: >10 KΩ

Output level: 0 dB

Output impedance: 100 Ω

Connector: TRS stereo jack female 6,3 mm


Input/output: balanced and floating

Impedance: 600 Ω

RX Level: – 20 ÷ 0 dBm

TX Level: – 8 dBm

Hybrid null: – 40 dB Full Band (on urban telephone line)

Frequency response: 230 ÷ 3400 Hz

Distortion: 0.8 %


Impedance: 600 Ω

RX Level: – 12 ÷ + 12 dBm

TX Level: 0 dBm

Frequency responce: 50 ÷ 20000 Hz (-1 dB)

Distorsion: 0.8 %

Noise: ≥74 dB (DIN Noise)

Crosstalk: ≥75 dB (1KHz 0dBm)


Input Connector: XLR female

Input meeting: ± 12 dBm

Input meeting impedance: >10 KΩ

Electronically Balanced >10 KΩ

Output Connector: XLR male

Output meeting: ± 12 dBm

Electronically Balanced impedance 100 Ω Electronically Balanced (max load 600 Ω)


Power supply: 87 to 254 V 50/60 Hz 10 VA

Dimension: 19″ Rackmount 1 Unity

Weight: 4.0 Kg


ITB 302