Xtreme 6

Xtreme-6 is the lastest AEV’s digital audio processor, excellent six-bands audio process and, also a innovative double audio process (FM and HD). The result is the most advanced that a stereo broadcasting system can offer, with an exceptional array of feature, as audio Switcher, Silent detector, Voice detection, programmable Delay, internal Mp3 player backup, IP codec, digital MPX AES.

Xtreme-6 is the new AEV’s digital audio processor, powered with the lastest DSP process devices.
Xtreme-6 is a innovative audio processor 6-band audio process with supply a new concept dual process for the best management FM and HD audio broadcast.

Xtreme-6 is available with stereo encoder and RDS coder for broadcast applications.
Thi device supply a long color display (480 x 120) that displays all the parameters to the user in a simple, clear and intuitive way.
Into Xtreme-6 it is integrated also the programmable delay and the MP3 audio player with memory built-in, it is available optionally the internal IP codec encoder/decoder
With the Web server on-board, you can manage also in remote mode all features of the equipment, with a fully and sure control.
The result is the most advanced that a stereo broadcasting system can offer, with an exceptional array of features. Besides guaranteeing excellent stereo separation between channels, AEV’s Digital Stereo Encoder ensures a transparency of sound never before reached, whilst maintaining exceptional stability.
As AEV tradition, a product always completely Made in Italy, with the use of the most advanced technologies, achieving the result that respects the AEV philosophy: Quality, Innovation and Reliability over time.

Quick features description:

• UltraLow Latency Structure (< 3 ms delay)
• Balanced Analog Inputs & Outputs
• Two Digital AES/EBU Inputs & Outputs
• AES/EBU standard, 24 bit resolution
• Six – Bands multiband process
• Dual Audio Process OnAir
• Audio delay – programmable
• Loudness control function
• Advanced inputs switcher
• Blank Audio detector
• DSP processing powered
• Speech detector
• Stereo Enhancer
• Ethernet remote control
• MPX Audio decoder to L&R
• Two Composite MPX outputs
• Digital MPX output 192 KHz
• Radio Data System Encoder
• Radio Data System Decoder
• Display Color TFT 480 x 128
• IP codec internal board (optional)
• Internal Audio backup MP3 player (optional)


Frequency response 30 Hz ÷ 15 Khz. ± 0.25 dB (By-pass)

Stopband Rejection Greater than 78 dB beyond 17 KHz

Total Distortion to 1 Khz 0.01 % (Proof mode)

Total separation Greater than 85 dB DIN Audio

Signal to Noise ratio Output noise deends on processing parameters Greated than 75db Din audio in all conditions


Configuration Left and Right

A/D Conversion 24 Bit , 128x oversampled

Impedance 10 K Ohm electronically balanced

Sensitivity – 35 dBu to + 24 dBu to produce

10 dB gain reduction at 1KHz

Max input level + 29 dBu

Common Mode Rejection Greater than 45 dB (30 Hz ÷ 20 Khz)

Connectors XLR type-female EMI suppressed


Configuration Left And right. Flat or pre-emphasized software selectable

D/A Converter 24 Bit , 128x oversampled

Impedance 30 Ω electronically balanced

Output level Max + 10 dBu into 600 Ohm

Connectors: XLR type-male EMI suppressed


Configuration AES/EBU Standard, 24 bit resolution

Sampling Rate 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz automatically selected

Connectors XLR type-female EMI suppressed

J.17 De-emphasis: Software selectable


Configuration AES/EBU Standard, Flat or pre-emphasized software select.

Sample Rate 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz software selectable

Output level Max + 6 dBFS

Connectors XLR type-male EMI suppressed


Configuration 2 outputs with independent level control

Output 2 may be configured as a pilot tone ref.

Pilot frequency 19 Khz ± 0.001 % Max over temp.

Pilot injection 4 ÷ 12 % adjustable

Frequency response 30 Hz ÷ 15 Khz. ± 0.1 dB

Signal to Noise ratio Greater than 96 dB Din audio

Stereo separation Greater than 67 dB 30 Hz ÷ 15 Khz (78 dB @ 1 KHz)

Crosstalk Main to Sub Greater than 50 dB 30 Hz ÷ 15 Khz (64 dB @ 1 KHz)

Crosstalk Sub to Main Greater than 50 dB 30 Hz ÷ 15 Khz (64 dB @ 1 KHz)

Distortion to 1KHz Less than 0.005%

38 KHz Subcarrier suppression Greater than 80 dB

76 KHz & sideband suppress. Greater than 90 dB

Pilot Tone Protection Greater than 70 dB relative to 10% pilot injection

RDS/RBDS Protection Greater than 70 dB relative to 4% subcarrier injection

Preemphasis 50-75 usec. Software selectable

Composite output level 0 ÷ + 12 dBu

Impedance 50 Ohm

Connector 2 x BNC floating over chassis, EMI suppressed

Max cable length 10 mt. RG 58 A/U

SCA/RDS input 1 Vpp for 10% modulation of main carrier

Impedance 600 Ω

Connector BNC floating over chassis, EMI suppressed


Device Motorola DSP 56301

Performance 24 bit processing


RS 232-C at rear, asynchronous


Configuration Eight (8) inputs

Voltage 6-24 V AC or DC, momentary or continuous

Connector DB-25 male, EMI Suppressed

Control Programmable software of all the inputs


Power requirement 115 ÷ 230 VAC 50 ÷ 60 Hz

Consumption 200 W

Dimension 483 x 178 x 385 mm. 4 rack units

Weight 12 Kg.

Operating temperature 0 ÷ 50°C

Brochure + technical information:

Xtreme 6