Stargate Evo

Stargate es un aparato planeado para para responder a las necesidades de los mayores network radiofónicos. Incluye sea el coder estéreo digital que un coder RDS.

Stargate es el resultado de un estudio esmerado, con un coder estéreo moderno y tecnológicamente avanzado, completo de todas las especificaciones solicitadas por los sistemas de transmisión FM, con un excepcional set de funciones, todo respaldado por la histórica y consolidada experiencia AEV en el sector.

Además de garantizar una excelente separación estéreo entre los canales, el encoder estéreo digital AEV asegura una transparencia de sonido nunca alcanzada antes, incluso manteniendo una estabilidad excepcional.

Stargate puede ser instalado instantáneamente y se puede crear una interfaz con cada sistema de transmisión sin deber proceder a calibraciones y ajustes complejos.

The new Stargate Evo multicoder is powered with the latest generation
DSP, responds to the new operational needs of audio signal management for FM stations.
Inputs section: balanced analogue stereo input, digital AES/EBU, digital optical and also MPX and RDS signals coming from outside.
Stargate Evo has a color TFT LCD display; on the home page the levels of the inputs are displayed, the input selected as Main and the MPX output level.
Input switch management. The INPUT SETUP page determines: the priority scale of the inputs, named as MAIN, SUB1 and SUB2, the exchange activation time and the exchange intervention threshold.
Stereo Coder with digital synthesis, with MPX signal level adjustment, 19 KHz pilot, digital clipper activation, input levels of any external RDS signal and internally generated RDS signal.
The Stargate Evo is also fully equipped with an RDS signal decoder; through this section it is possible to decode the data of an external RDS signal, decide which ones to keep and which to modify locally, and then regenerate the RDS data package to be supplied to the local FM transmitter. The RDS Decoder also allows the PI code contained in the external RDS signal to be monitored, if the PI code is different from the one programmed, it is possible to activate the exchange from the external MPX signal and the internally generated one.
The GPI/O port takes the status of the machine’s inputs to the outside, for a simple interface with the transmitters’s telemetry.
The machine can be controlled via ethernet thanks to the internal web server, this solution frees the user from installing PC software; in addition, the Web Server can be set as CLIENT, in case of insertion in a LAN network, or as a SERVER, if you want to directly connect a PC with an Ethernet network cable.
It is possible to activate a password that limits access to the machine, inhibiting the modification of the setup parameters to unauthorized personnel.


Analog audio input configuration: Electronically balanced Left & Right

Input level: -10 ÷ +10 dBu

Input Impedance: > 10 KΩ or 600 Ω dip switch selectable

Common mode reject: Greater than 50 dB (30 Hz ÷ 15 KHz)

Connectors: XLR Female, EMI suppressed


MPX Output configuration: 1 output with level control

Composite output level: 0 ÷ +12 dBu

Output Impedance: 50 Ω

Connector: BNC grounded to chassis

Pilot Frequency: 19 KHz ± 0.001% Max over temp.

Pilot injection: 4 ÷ 12 % adjustable internally

Frequency Response: (± 0.1 dB) 30 Hz ÷ 15 KHz

Stereo Separation: Greater than 64 dB 30 Hz ÷15 KHz (78 dB to 1 KHz)

Crosstalk Sub to Main: Greater than 40 dB 30 Hz ÷15 KHz (64 dB to 1 KHz)

Distortion to 1 KHz: Less than 0.005 %

Signal to noise ratio: Greater than 96 dB DIN audio.

38 KHz Subcarrier Suppression: Greater than 80 dB

76 KHz and sideband Suppression: Greater than 90 dB

Preemphasis: 50-75 μSec dip switch selectable

Pilot tone Sync IN/OUT: dip switch selectable

Connector: BNC grounded to chassis

Pilot Reference Output: 1 Vpp square wave

Impedance: 600 Ω

Pilot Reference Input: 1 Vpp sin. wave

Impedance: 10 KΩ

SCA Input: -14 ÷ +6 dBu for 10% modulation of main carrier.

SCA input Impedance: 10 KΩ

RDS Generator:

RDS signal: Standard specif. EBU Doc.Tech. 3244-E & Cenelec En 50067

Coding: Differential and Biphase

Modulation: DSB-suppressed carrier

Frequency: 57 KHz

Bandwidth: ± 2.4 KHz

RDS injection into MPX signal: – infinite ÷ – 16 dB

RDS output level: 0 dBu

Output Impedance: 100 ohm (max load 5 Kohm)

Connector: BNC grounded to chassis

Data Syncrhonization:

Terminal Interface: RS232-C at rear, asynchronous

Data Input: Full duplex

Format: Selectable

Transmission Speed: 2400 ÷ 19600 baud

Connector: 9 contact subminiature cannon female

Remote I/O: MS, TA, RDS OFF Cmos level

Connector: 25 pin subminiature cannon female

Power requirement: 87 ÷ 265 VAC 50 ÷ 60 Hz

Consumption: 8 VA

Dimension (WxHxD): 48.3 x 24 x 4.4 cm 1 rack unit

Weight: 2,5 Kg. (5.5 Lbs)

Operating Temp.: 0 ÷ 50° C

RDS Data management Microprocessor controlled 128 Kbyte

Non volatile memory RAM data retention 10 years.

Brochure + technical information:

Stargate Evo


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