The Elegant Solution

Completely modular and housed in a rugged and elegant case, the UMR 6200 is the answer to every telephone interconnection problem in the field.
High fidelity, immunity to interference, conference management and extreme simplicity makes the UMR 6200 the ideal solution for all telephonic reporting, allowing immediate connection, independantly of operational difficulties.

Anyhow, anywere The UMR 6200 represents the best solution for outside broadcasts applications. All types of outside broadcast and communications with the studio are made easier by the numerous connection possibilities available: radio commentaries, reporting, debates, entertainment and shows.

The UMR 6200 offers the highest level of telephonic quality,supported by extreme operational simplicity of requirements and completely resolves connection problems between audio equipment
and telephone lines.

Via telephone line
· 2 – wire
· 4 – wire
· Radiotelephone
· Radio Links

Brochure + Technical information:

UMR 6200