Based around the new ACUO 908 broadcast console, the lastest professional broadcast console with fully digital control and Remote Control Interface; hight level quality and features without compromises, with the amazing slim profile for a modern On Air Radio Studio, display color TFT to monitoring and setup, all balanced inputs & outputs, shielded to operate also to all conditions without interferences and noise , the minimum cost with very powerful features and with a friendly-user control surface.
You will be able to connect also to the wired telephone lines, for a very professional and complete radio studio. The design provide the Regia side & Studio side, for the best professional operativity: live onair, music program, interviews, news program and production. The package include: professional studio microphones, professional CD/MP3 player, nearfield audio monitors, workstation with software Radio Automation & editing software, headphones, On Air Light, FM Audio Processor , GSM telephone interface. The system is totally pre-wired & tested from our engineers, No technical knowledge whatsoever is required to install all devices of the Studio package up and running.
• n.1 new ACUO 908 On Air console 10 channels
• n.1 Mirage Evo digital audio processor
• n.4 Professional Studio Headphones
• n.1 Headphone amplifier 4 channels
• n.1 CD/USB MP3 player with XLR output
• n.1 Digital Tuner with XLR output
• n.1 Matrix AD 4×4 audio matrix
• n.1 GSM BOX – GSM to telephone line interface
• n.1 Workstation+2 LCD22
• n.1 Softtware Automation
• n.1 OnAir desk with rack 15U+Guest 4+chairs
• n.1 Ethernet gigabyte switch + NAS storage
• n. 4 Condenser microphone, with stand
• n. 2 Active Nearfield Monitor
• n.1 AEV On Air Light + Watch Timer
• Cable System – pre-wired studio cable set

Brochure + technical information: